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" If I can inspire one student to become an engineer then I consider this session a success "

Neeraj ShahAutomotive Engineer, General Motors

See how two General Motors engineers inspired students at McKinney High School,TX by connecting classroom lessons to application in their workplace.


Engage Students in STEM

Teachers often dread the question: “Why should I learn this?”, Let the industry experts show and tell how specific topics students learn in the classroom can be applied in practice, in the workforce.

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Expose students to job related skills

Did you know that Petroleum Engineers are among the highest paid entry level jobs in the U.S ? Give students an early exposure to high tech careers and the related job skills so that they can make the right choices when it comes to college.

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Develop confidence and leadership, early on

Without leaving the classroom, take students to places and people who can inspire them. We make it easy for everyone to hear from good leaders, role- models and mentors.

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How it works?


1. Teachers

Teachers create a request based on a curriculum topic or activity that can benefit from an industry connection.

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2. Nepris

Nepris finds the right industry professional(s) with skills that match the teacher's request.

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3. Industry Experts

Industry professionals virtually connect with classroom to have an interactive discussion with the students or to help evaluate projects.

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We are a team of dedicated individuals with decades of experience working with schools and teachers to develop education technology solutions. We also happen to be engineers who have spent many years working in high tech companies. Last but not least, we are parents who want a bright future for our children.
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