I will cover the funeral service industry as a whole as well as the evolution it has underwent in the recent years. Also, I will be covering what made me interested in the field as well as what I do in my career.

Funerals are becoming more extravagant and personalized.

Today, employees within the industry have to be much more than just funeral directors and embalmers; We have to be counselors, event planners, food experts, best friends, and much more. The goal of any employee at the funeral home is to help the loved ones of the deceased through their time of need, no matter how minor or major something may seem to be, we are here to help them out and to make this hard time easier for them.


Key Questions

I will be answering the most common questions I always get asked, such as:

Why would you want to work at a funeral home?

Isn't it scary?

Is it gross?

Isn't it weird? hang out with dead people?

Aren't you sad?


Also, I will address more personal questions, such as:

As a female working in a previously male-dominated industry, do you feel out of place? How do you deal with it?

How did you get a job at such a prestige funeral home at such a young age?

What is your end goal?

How do I become a funeral director?


Expected Outcomes

My goal is to teach anyone who watches the session that just because someone works at the funeral home it does not make them "scary" or "weird". When I first developed an interest in funeral service, I was told it was not a good idea, but I followed through with my dream and it worked out and I love my job! I want students to know that no matter how different you are, you can do anything you aspire to do!

Funeral Service is a human service department and includes many practices of other hospitality businesses. 


Curriculum Alignment

Session Date

 10/25/2018 12:00 PM   Eastern Time




Gabrielle Johnson Baue Funeral Home