Anyone CAN!

I grew up on a farm--not just a farm. This farm was not near high profile schools or even private education. The children in my little town all went to public school. When we graduated from high school it was with an entire lifetime of education funded by our parents' tax dollars. So when I graduated from high school it was not unusual that my parents reminded me that I was needed in the hayfield. I had been an average high school student. I had spent lots of time in the band room, but I had no hope of any type of scholarship. 

I really wanted to go to college. But my parents did not support it. I was Dad's best farm hand and he wanted me to stay close. So I was on my own. I applied to the closest college and was accepted there. I lived on campus and came home on weekends. My parents thought this college gig would be short-lived--it was not.

College was difficult for me. Instead of finishing in 4 or 5 years like some of my college classmates. I have been in college, off and on, for the last 38 years. I am in the final stages of a doctorate degree...not because of my intelligence level; not my parents insisted; not because I had a camp of supporters urging me on. I will finish this doctorate degree because I wanted something more. And if an average student without a strong support system can do this---anyone can do this. All it takes to go to college and get finish your degree is to get started. Fill out the FAFSA. Apply to a school. Then show up. Show up at your classes and be present in the assignments. College is not just for those with a high intelligence level. College is not just for those living in a higher tax bracket. College is not just for those whose parents went to college.

College is for everyone and ANYONE CAN GO.

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