#hourofcode week 2016

Nepris is proud to celebrate Computer Science Education Week 2016 with Hour of Code: December 5-9!

Explore and Sign Up Below Inspire Students - Offer a live chat!

During this week, industry professionals from AT&T, JoyLabz, Sphero, and more offer their skills and expertise for students to become familiar with the practices and career possibilities available in Computer Science. With topics from Robotics to SEO, Nepris provides a platform for students of all interests and proficiencies to learn, advance, and excel in the constantly growing field of Computer Science.

Sign up your classes for interactive sessions each day of the week to maximize their exposure and creativity. Not sure where to begin? We have a special session early in the week that will show teachers how to better incorporate computer science and programming in their classroom!

We hope you and your students enjoy the exciting engagements available; thank you and happy connecting!

#hourofcode 2016 is now over! But there is always more...

If you are an educator click here to browse upcoming live industry chats.

If you are a volunteer click here to browse all volunteer opportunities.

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