The class is exploring different career paths in the Math and Science fields.  They are working on projects that allow them to explore various careers within the Math & Science fields.  In sports, there are a variety of careers that our students do not associate as integral parts of having a team succeed.  

We would like to connect our learning to possible careers and open our students eyes to a variety of careers.  We have many students that are interested in a variety of sports and love promoting their ideas.  We therefore want them to explore careers in sports marketing.

Key Questions

  • What are some examples where Math and/or Science studies have been used in the everyday life of a Sports Marketer?
  • What university/college did the Sports Marketer attend?
  • What is the most interesting assignment the Sports Marketer has assisted/led?
  • When did you know that you were interested in becoming a Sports Marketer?

Expected Outcomes

Our students would like to learn about

  • the learning pathway that it takes to become a Sports Marketer
  • Interest facts/highlights about the career of a Sports Marketer
  • How Math and Science are used in the career
  • how Sports Marketers continue their learning once they have finalized their collegiate studies.


Curriculum Alignment

(25)Research/Research Plan. Students ask open-ended research questions and develop a plan for answering them. Students are expected to:
(B)generate a research plan for gathering relevant information (e.g., surveys, interviews, encyclopedias) about the major research question

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(1)The student explores personal interests and aptitudes as they relate to education and career planning. The student is expected to:
(B)explore the career clusters as defined by the U.S. Department of Education

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Completed Date

 05/23/2018 12:30 PM   Eastern Time






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