My class will be studying ratios, rates, and proportions in November and December. A common way ratios are used in real life is cooking, especially baking. In my experience, students love when class material (especially math) is used in TV/movies. I would like to do a "Cupcake Wars" style project where my students work to create a cupcake recipe and compete in a school wide cupcake wars competition using what they are learning about ratios and rates.

Key Questions

How are ratios used in your career?

Why are ratios so crucial to cooking and creating recipes?

Can you provide an example where NOT understanding ratios caused problems at your job?

Can you provide an example where KNOWING ratios helped you be more successful at your job?

What is your favorite thing to create/bake/cook at your job?

Have you ever had to use ratios or proportions to adjust one of your recipes to feed a lot of people?

Expected Outcomes

I want students to learn how ratios and rates are used in restaurants/bakeries, or even in meals their families can cook at home. I would love for a chef or baker to talk to my students and connect how ratios are used in the cooking (and eating). I would also like students to understand that ratios/proportions are crucial for making recipes for small or large groups of people. 


Curriculum Alignment

Session Date

 11/16/2018 11:00 AM   Eastern Time




Anna Walker


Russell Smith